December 2018

Otter and Kingfisher!

Not willing to give in, we set off early once more to try and spot the otter which had been seen at Barnwell. We sat in the hide for nearly an hour with very little company apart from a beautiful, friendly robin which joined us pecking seed from the window ledges. We were just about to give up, when we heard heard the call of two kingfishers which began to fly either side of the hide. One landed right in front of us. It was still very poor light for photo opportunities as this one shows…


… but it was an amazing moment! Then at the same time I spotted what I thought could be an otter. I changed my mind several times thinking that it must have been just a log and that my eyes were playing tricks on me. I was so excited!


With an ISO of 6400, I managed to get this photo! It quickly dived underneath the water and despite waiting patiently, it only resurfaced once more in front of the hide. We had many false alarms as huge fish created large splashes and immense circular ripples around us.


We continued watching the kingfishers for quite some time before reluctantly we left for home…