February 2017

Norfolk Adventure Day 3: Shorelarks and Snow Buntings!


Snow Bunting

What more is there to say! A much brighter day with special moments spent with shorelarks at Holkham and snow buntings at Titchwell. What a great way to end our short break away! And no falling in the sea - always a bonus!






Snow Bunting

snow bunting_139_01

Snow Bunting

snow bunting_139

Snow Bunting


Black-headed Gull

Our walk back around the coast in strong, icy winds was helped substantially by our new friend 'Steven Seagull' , who was with us all the way!

Norfolk Adventure, Day 2: Wet! Wet! Wet!

Just when we thought the weather couldn't get any worse-it did! Walking along the front at Sheringham with scarfs, hats, gloves, constant drizzle and ice-cream-headache inducing, icy winds was quite an experience. We stood watching the grey waves pounding the beach for a short while and marvelled at the turnstones (which just did not seem bothered at all), before retreating to a lovely sea-front cafe with a wood burning fire.



After finally warming up we popped to Cley Marshes and once more stepped out into the biting wind. From the first hide we were pleased to see our first Brent, white fronted and barnacle geese. A water pipit quickly flew by and we watched a marsh harrier being mobbed by a crow.


Greylag, White Fronted and Barnacle Geese

Then came the bit I would like to forget!

I insisted we walked down to the sea even though it was bitterly cold in the wind; our reward would be a visit to the Cley Marshes cafe for something hot to eat and drink. I took out my iPhone and crouched down to take a picture of the amazing waves, a safe distance away - or so I thought. Through the back of my camera, I saw a large wave approaching far too late. I turned and had my feet taken away from under me by the shifting shingle and was engulfed by the incoming wave. NOW I knew the true meaning of cold! It was a miserable walk back to the car, although to be honest my legs and hands were pretty numb. My loving husband asked me 'Don't hate me, but do you think we could still visit the cafe?'

No was the answer!

Our Norfolk Adventure Begins: Day 1


Black-tailed Godwit

Although the sky was grey, and a mixture of sleet and rain fell on us on our journey, we were still excited about the prospect of getting-away-from-it-all for a few days! I must admit I did remark gloomily that this was probably the worst day for weather we had experienced so far this year, with temperatures barely above freezing (to say nothing about the wind-chill factor). Luckily, on our arrival at Titchwell Nature Reserve, the rain/sleet stopped and I was soon grinning from ear-to-ear as I was treated with views of a woodcock deep in the undergrowth by the path to the Visitor's Centre. Our next two birds of note were water rail and marsh harrier - things were looking up!


Marsh Harrier

As we walked towards the sea, we were then treated to good views of several waders including , our favourite, 'Limpy the Redshank', curlew. little grebe, ringed plover and black-tailed godwits.

Little grebe_146

Little Grebe


Limpy the Redshank



Once we were on the beach, we walked out towards the sea, buffeted by the icy wind. We could see a long line of black birds 'falling' over each other in the distance and wished that we had a scope! Everything was too far out for my camera, but we were able to identify common and velvet scoter.







Even though it was incredibly cold and grey, we were relieved that we had stayed dry and felt that the cobwebs had definitely been blown away. Before reaching Sheringham, we stopped at Holkham for one more bracing walk by the sea.


Dave :)